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Hawaii Tech Industry in Pictures


Hawaii tech industry in picturesHaving the right project manager is absolutely critical to the success of your next project. Make sure you accurately understand what your customer really wants. Test your assumptions! I developed a Customer Persona worksheet that keeps my clients focused on their customer.

Timing is another overlooked area. What is your "window of opportunity?" Projects can be either "too early" or "too late." If you started a social media firm in Hawaii in 2008, you may have been a bit too early and spun your wheels for the first couple of years. However, if you're just getting starting with your social media campaign now ... there's a lot of work right now.

The "digg" effect refers to what can happen to your website (and reputation) when too many people flood your business. Customers of Groupon have had this experience, also -- too many customers rush the store after receiving a 50% discount coupon and the staff, inventory and service are just not prepared. The same can happen with your website. The risk to your reputation is higher than ever before in the globally connected, social world.

Thank you to Judy Shapiro over at the Trenchwars Weblog who shared this image with me yesterday (I'm not sure where she got it). Judy was an inspiration to me at SXSW last year, my conversation with her was one of the highlights of my trip, and I've been following her entrepreneurship adventures with much interest!



Hi - I did love this image - spoke volumes... Tx for sharing.
Posted @ Sunday, February 26, 2012 12:17 AM by Judy Shapiro
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