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12 Great Facebook Ad Examples

Posted on Wed, Oct 03, 2012

Here are 12 examples of remarkable Facebook ads to give you an edge on your next Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook works differently than Google Adwords or other search-based PPC campaigns. Facebook is social advertising, not search advertising. Search advertising reaches people when they are looking for a specific solution to their problem. The difference is people use Facebook to connect with other people. Your advertising has to resonate with social cues.

Let me give you an example:

Facebook-exampleChili's Grill & Bar designed this ad to evoke memories of fun times with friends. If you've been at Chili's, drinking margaritas and enjoying large entrees, chances are good that you were enjoying good times wirh friends.

The ad features the iconic chili pepper, then uses a "series of yeses" to mentally attract your mind to Liking the page. You like frosty margaritas? Yes! You liike bold entrees? Yes! You like tasty appetizers? Yes! After three "yeses" your mind is much more apt to agree to the call-to-action," Now it's time to like our page." Wow. How can I resist?


People will have a much stronger affinity towards liking this page because their mind is flooded with positive thoughts triggered by Margaritas and delicious food. Notice that over 1,631,824 people have "liked" this ad? Impressive.

Facebook example

Now here's one from But notice they don't promote their own store location. Instead, they promote a highly popular product on sale inside the store--Burt's Bees.

Burt's Bees has a loyal and raving fan base. They love to talk about Burt's Bees on social media. By featuring a brand people are passionate about, is able to get several hundred thousand Likes to it's business page.

Researching the products your fans love can be a powerful way to drive attention and Likes to your page. It also helps if those product-lovers tend to be affluent and digitally savvy, like the fans of Burt's Bees. Ask yourself, what products or images is your organization associated with, and could one of those images be a compelling way to drive Likes to your page?

Facebook exampleThis next ad is for a consultant who helps women "become more successful with men." You would never stumble across this website on your own. But the headline is a question most women ask themselves at least once. This ad promises "the truth about men" and what to do if you're dating someone who isn't "emotionally available." Most people won't look for the name of the website behind the ad, but they should.

Facebook adThink of McDonald's and chances are good you're not thinking of fresh, wholesome nutritous food farmed sustainably from American farmers. McDonalds, the pioneer of fast food and the $1 menu, is responding to consumer preferences for healthier food and sustainable farming practices. Alternatives like Chipotle, Subway and Panera Bread have taken some of McDonald's market share.

It's hard to run away from the Golden Arches, but McDonalds tries a different spin with this ad. I've tried McDonald's tasty salads and fresh apples. It's just extremely hard to order these while enveloped with the smell of burgers and french fries. Not impossible. But very, very, difficult.


Another popular Facebook advertising technique is to run a contest that supports the lifestyle of your most loyal fanHere, Subway invites people to "nominate a friend" to be a Subway "High School Hero." This campaign supports local high schools, making the campaign locally relevant to all entrants. It associates the brand with sports, supporting Subway's healthy living lifestyle brand. By encouraing people to nominate friends, this campaign.fits well inside tFacebook ad examplehe environment of Facebook

Great Facebook Ad Example

What's better than supporting your local high school athlete? How about donating books to Kindergarten classrooms? Here, LeapFrog offers an irresistable offer: Like thier Page and they'll donate a book to a Kindergarten classroom. How can you not give the gift of reading to a child?

Consider ways your organization can give something of tremendous value back to those who Like your page. The average Facebook user only connects with 5 or 6 brands, so how are you going to rise above the competition and make your page better than all the others?

Come up with offers and gifts (like "reading") that could also be beneficial to your organization. In Leapfrog's case, large numbers of impressionable young students will get to experience a free trial of Tag interactive books. And Leapfrog will also get valuable contact information. Maybe that's a fair trade.

Effective Facebook AdsSometimes your offer might just have to be a major discount. is offering a 70% discount. It's hard to ignore a 70% discount. 

For discounts to work, you should start at 50% savings. The lifetime value of each new customer you earn will more than make up for the discount. 

But don't give away anything for free, as using the word "free" reduces overall marketing effectiveness. Instead of "free," offer something for $1.

Facebook ad exampleAs more advertisers move over to Facebook, the competition for attention will get more fierce. Many frequent Facebook users now "tune out" the Facebook ads on the right. The more "fun" and "social" your ad is, the more successful your campaign will be.

Here, the makers of Frosted Mini-Wheats have created a "Mom Homeroom" with content designed just for parents. This ad offers a real reason to Like the page -- a digital community of like-minded parents. This type of "Lifestyle Branding" is essential for advertisers. Consumers don't want to be sold to, they want to have fun and connect with people who are like them.

Let's not forget describe the imagethe power of cuteness. Dogs are one of the most effective images you can use to grab attention for your ad. Want more attention? Use a cute puppy. Babies are another. Or attractive models. Anytime you see puppies or babies (or girls) you know the ad firm was desperate to get your attention. Another great image is chocolate. Use images that are strongly associated with intense positive feelings.

What does a Chihuahua have to do with medical billing? Doesn't matter. Notice that this ad also used location targeting in the text. You can design ads that target specific demographic groups. It takes more time to set up, but significantly boosts performance.

Facebook examples

Remember to offer something of specific value. It's not enough to just ask for a Like. This ad uses a cute, attention-grabbing cartoon with clear, specific benefits. The question, "Know These 3 Tips" also uses the element of curiosity to pique interest. People love getting answers to questions. Just asking a question gets people to want the answer. Giving them that answer in exchange for a Like is like scratching their back.

Great Facebook examplesHere's another example of how to use curiosity in your campaign: "Are your skills on point?" Well, gosh, I don't know. Well here's this marketing pop-quiz to help me find out.

One word of caution: Don't use ALL CAPS in your headline. Caps are harder to read and don't perform well.

Best Facebook Ad CollectionKnow the power of images. Here, an advertiser gets you to imagine a private villa, personalized service, privleged access against a tropical paradise setting with an infinity pool. "Win a beach getaway." Imagine how many people sitting at their computers secretly wish to escape to a setting such as this.

There you have it! My 12 most favorite examples of Facebook ads. If you'd like to learn more about Facebook advertising, including what you can do to avoid "ad blindness" in your target market, then contact me to have me set up your Facebook advertising campaign.

- by Laura Kinoshita

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